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The historic Dentzel Carousel at Pullen Park: An Irreplaceable treasure

Carousel Map

Volunteer Carousel Cleaning Day April 2, 2005

Paint worn away showing protective coating over original paints

Paint worn away through protective coating and original paint to expose bare wood

Severe blistering and peeling of paint, missing tail

Missing Tail

Recently restored horse shows mildew on saddle, and chipped paint

Deterioration caused by moisture in carousel house

Mildew and mold cause the paints to blister and peel

Rounder board panels never restored

Protective grease cups missing

Recently restored horse shows chip on upper lip

Deterioration where animal is not exposed to contact

Dirt and woodchip floor hold moisture and produces dust, undermining paint and mechanical parts

Please Ensure Preservation of the Carousel: Fully Fund Pullen Park in Phase 1!